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Punishment Flogger

Punishment Flogger

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Prepare for a punishing evening of stinging pleasure with the Punishment Flogger! This lightweight flogger is the perfect introduction into the exciting world of BDSM and light bondage. The faux-leather falls are soft but deliver a sharp sting when you want them to. The wrapped handle is comfortable to hold when delivering punishing thwacks, and the loop on the end is perfect for hanging this flogger up on display. Discover the two sides of flogging fun in both pain and pleasure. Tickle and tantalize your partner by slowly drawing the falls across their skin. The soft velvety side will tickle until you decide it's time for a sterner approach. Flick your wrist and let the tips of the falls snap and crack, leaving a sensual stinging sensation. Whether you choose to be naughty or nice, this flogger is ready to deal whatever punishment you want. It's time to be punished by pleasure with Punishment.


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